ParaTransit (Van/Car)


Transportation and medical transportation in the metro area of Atlanta is our main focus. Other services include transportation for insurance, wheelchair and ambulatory to doctor's appointment, wheelchair and stretcher transport.

We can also assist with hospital discharge, workmen compensation transport, attorney office visit, trips for prosthetics, surgery, outdoor events, day care for adults, insurance and chiropractor visits, movies, shopping mall visits and subcontract transportation needs.

Care Techs Medical will provide non-emergency medical transportation service for you to ease your transportation needs.

Please call us on (678) 827-2EMS (2367) if you are interested in any of the following transportation needs:

More info about how we transport

•Wheelchair and Stretcher transport

•Transportation to and from any type of medical appointment on a one-time basis.

•Transportation to and from medical appointments on a standing order  basis.

•Transportation to and from the airport and other area events.

•Hospital and nursing home admission or discharge.

•Senior citizen group outings.

•Transportation to and from senior centers and adult day care facilities.


•Long distance and interstate trips:

 •Recreation visits like Stone Mountain Park, Piedmont Park, Lenox Mall,  etc.

 •Family visits anywhere in Georgia

 •Transportation to and from Hospital

Discharge, Dialysis, Radiation,  Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Lasik Surgery, or other Non Emergency trips.