"We Accept Medicare, Medicaid and Private Insurance"


Medicare reimburses only for ambulance services that are deemed medically necessary. At Care Techs Medical, we believe in doing what is best for the patient first, regardless of your ability to pay. Our ambulance billing specialists utilize a thorough billing process which assures that each and every bill submitted has the best possibility for patient coverage.

To find out if your transportation needs are covered, please call us at 678-827-2EMS (2367). Our specially trained staff will be able to provide you with specific details about what your insurance will cover.

We are 100% HIPPA complaint and in good standing with all local, state and federal agencies.


HIPAA - Your Rights Patient Self-Determination Act (PSDA)
The PSDA simply requires many Medicare and Medicaid providers (hospitals, nursing homes, hospice programs, home health agencies and HMO's) to provide patients information about their privacy rights at the time of inpatient admission or enrollment. This gives patients the right to participate in and direct their own health care information decisions.

The PSDA was designed to protect your rights. It is important to know that this extends to all aspects of your care, including transportation if needed.